I’ve put together some evidence of prior work for review for my proposal on Decred’s Politeia governance platform. I am seeking to continue doing marketing work with Decred at events as well as managing the Decred Facebook page.

You can view my proposal here.


Contractor Details

Facebook Management Guidelines

I want to whip the page into better shape and increase engagement. We’ve got metrics to compare to competitor pages, and there’s no reason we shouldn’t beat them at being one of the most compelling cryptocurrency pages to follow. Below are the guidelines I created in 2018.

*You’ll notice this could use a little updating in some areas. It will be updated, but many concepts are still core to how I approach posting. Facebook Guidelines Page 1 Facebook Guidelines Page 2

2018 Texas Bitcoin Conference Presentation


I presented Decred’s plan to build a decentralized exchange before the proposal on Politeia. I have not given many public speeches, so this one was a big step with me in public speaking.