Tokyo Sunset

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve had a pretty busy year!

I’ve earned the following certifications:

  • Comptia A+
  • Comptia Project+
  • Advanced HTML5 & CSS3 Specialist CIW
  • AXELOS ITIL Foundation

The company I’ve been working for, Fay Servicing, converted me from a contractor to a full-time employee, which has been very exciting! I’m blessed to work with a wonderful team of software developers. Our manager, Mark Petersen, is a very talented developer and manager and his constructive criticism in code reviews and advice in meetings has been very helpful in informing my software development growth.

I went from 195 to 165 lbs through dieting and exercise. I joined a CrossFit gym, and have had a great time with that! Though towards the end of the year I managed to hurt my back a bit and have not worked out in quite a while. Been riding that boost in metabolism I built up for a couple months now with the Holidays!

My New Years resolutions are to accomplish at LEAST twice as much as I did in professional growth this year, and to get on track with balancing spiritual growth, relationships, and physical fitness. I want to work towards and achieve a promotion to Software Engineer II in 2020, become familiar with the latest version of Angular and .NET Core, and start working on more personal projects.

So to add a few and put them in a bulleted list…

  • Get a promotion to Software Engineer II
  • Get down to ~160 lbs while putting on more muscle
  • Be able to do at least 10 Bar Muscle Ups and Hand Stand Pushups
  • Become a proficient rock climber
  • Spend more time keeping up with friends and family
  • Work on and complete at least two significant personal projects
  • Learn Angular 9 and .NET Core

For those wondering, this site is built using Hugo and served on GitHub pages! It’s removed my need to pay for a VPS, so the only cost I have to host my own website is the domain renewal from my web registrar; roughly $15 a year.