It’s late. And I haven’t posted in years.

But this is a test. I asked ChatGPT to create me a script to make creating blog posts simpler. I gave it an example markdown file of one of my old posts and told it what it should prompt me for. At first it was just a script, but then it became a GUI, and then it became a GUI with a “Configure Settings button so I could provide an author name and the directory path to export posts to. And even further it became capable of saving a json file with the settings so I could remove my own information from the script, add the settings file to .gitignore and share the code with you all.

But you don’t need it. You only need ask ChatGPT now.

I admit this is scary, and having used this tool extensively I’m very aware it makes mistakes. That being said, it is immensely helpful if you know how to use it, know what you don’t know and also have the patience to figure out what is wrong when it does make mistakes. Know what to ask. This technology will only get better.

I imagine the options now are become comfortable and learn how to use it or be left behind.

Anyways the future is exciting and neat! Expect more posts more frequently now.

This post was written by a human with minimal tweaks to add images etc, but formatting it to easily upload to this site was aided immensely by ChatGPT.

The script can be found here: Blog Post Generator

Blog Post Generator v1