My proposal passed with 76.3% approval! 🎉

I promised transparency with my proposal and I intend to update this post with insight into the work over the months and a picture of the invoice sent to Decred’s CMS system each month. This will be updated over time. Please bear with me as the format and level of description may fluctuate, and keep in mind that this level of disclosure to the public is rare.

Total Hours Billed: 40


Decred posting continues on the Facebook platform, and I have researched topics for Decred presentations that I am now working on material for, namely Decred blockchain analytics with DCR Data and Python, beginners level trade analysis, and developing a trading script with Python and Bittrex APIs (with a tie-in to Decred). With the virus news on COVID-19 shutting down events left and right, I am considering the possibility of online presentations using AltSpaceVR. With the potential to reach many more people across the world as well as avoid spreading infection, this seems more and more like the way to go. More about that later! You are here for updates on Facebook, and completely transparent updates you shall get. Prepare to be underwhelmed by organic growth. Numbers are not terrible, but amount of new followers is disappointing so far.

New Posts in February:

February Posts


  • Followers at the beginning of 2020: 3,527
  • Followers now (3/15/2020): 3,584
  • Followers: +57
  • Views: +30%/day

You don’t need me to tell you this isn’t very impressive. In absence of paid advertising, reaching and achieving new followers has been very slow organically. Followers rarely, if ever, share Decred’s post to their own feeds: A bit disheartening.

Total Reach

The reach chart is sad to say the least. It appears only ~10-15% are seeing posts from the page.

Total Views

Some good news: Total views per day have been increasing since I started. We’ve gone from fairly rarely posting updates, to ~3 posts a week. This has made the page active, and number of views per day have increased by roughly 30%.

My opinion: New followers is disappointing. Facebook is “Pay-To-Win” if you expect them to help increase your pages reach, and the community has chosen not to engage in this. More work can be done outside the platform to direct existing Facebook users to visit and check out the page. I plan on spending more time on this aspect. That being said, to focus on a bright side, I DO believe I am bringing value to the project by keeping us engaged on Facebook. The number of views per day increasing 30% is promising. Many Decred competitors maintain pages. Looking at a snapshot of stats from the past week: As far as engagements go, we are punching way above our weight against our “top competitors”. We are 4th in page likes compared against these projects, but second in number of engagements. (This is due to the other projects not posting at all. I keep track of our competitors and try to glean ways to improve our own page.)


Make of all this what you will, and feel free to comment below or on Matrix. I will continue doing my best to deliver Decred news to Facebook users and attempting to increase reach organically and bring value as a contractor. I am always open to feedback.

February Invoice

Screenshot taken from CMS platform. (Hours: 24) February Invoice


This was the first month of my proposal. I spent time each day reviewing new developments surrounding Decred and taking note of what was post-worthy. I’ve set up a work flow to keep track of posts to put together when I have time and posted 13 posts. This month was billed retro-actively and some work was done before my proposal was even live, let alone approved, so future months will have more activity. I did not attend an event in person this month, but keeping an eye open for events to attend in the future.

New Posts in January

January Posts

January Invoice

Screenshot taken from CMS platform. (Hours: 16) January Invoice