Something I’ve always wanted to do but have not as of yet, is to get involved in Open Source development. The biggest reason for being scared off was fear of being the new guy, or committing to a project and then being pigeonholed into something I’d find boring, such as writing documentation or quality assurance testing. Don’t get me wrong, I know this stuff is important. I’ve never tried either of these so it could be something I’d enjoy, but I really want to focus on new features instead of improving upon old code. I’m the idea guy. The unstable version is where I think I’d feel at home. I would expand upon existing features on a fork or add features of my own to suit my own personal needs.

Anyways, all personal fears and (possible) delusions aside, it’s now time to seriously buckle down and set some time aside for this. You can expect to see updates on my latest projects right here on this site, with frequent updates. Feel free to comment with any questions and I will respond when I can. I plan to do some work on the deluge web server in order to add a custom feature to run certain scripts, work alongside of the development team over at Decred, an exciting new take on Cryptocurrency, and build a few projects with Raspbian and the Raspberry Pi IoT ecosystem. Exciting stuff ahead guys.

If anyone has any advice on good places to start, or anything else they’d like to comment on, feel free to do so below!