(The following post is from 2010. I imported my blog posts from my month long trip to Japan for posterity and to remember fondly!)

I’m in Japan! The flight was smooth, and when I arrived at Narita Airport I didn’t have any trouble getting through customs.

I met up with Mr. Takata, and from there we drove to his house in Chiba City, which was about a 40 minute drive. The Takata’s are really nice! They speak English very well, but i’m trying to interject as much of my Japanese skills as I can. I’m staying in a cool little room with tatami mats covering the entire floor and sleeping on a futon. Mrs. Takata made dinner tonight for us tonight and it was really good. Homemade miso soup, salad, rice and chicken.

I haven’t gotten any pictures yet (I just got here!) but I wanted to let you guys know I got here safely and how things were going so far!