(The following post is from 2010. I imported my blog posts from my month long trip to Japan for posterity and to remember fondly!)

Hey guys.

This is my first blog, and i’m not entirely sure how to use all the features, but i can post! Thats the main thing.

The name of the blog comes from my name in katakana directly translated to english.

スコット -> Su ko tto

Cool huh? Not really, but it was either that or Scottgoes2japan, which sounds like the title of a lame movie.

This blog is for my 2010 summer trip to Japan! I will be staying for approximately three weeks and will be using this blog to share with all of you back home who are interested!

I would like to thank my grandfather, Gordon Christian, my father, and step mother who have supported my interest  in Japanese culture and made this trip possible.

I would also like to greatly thank in advance Mr. and Mrs. Takata for allowing me to stay at their place in Chiba City! I am really looking forward to meeting you!

I will update as frequently as I am able! Hope you guys enjoy the blog!

Make sure to share the link with anyone you feel may want to see it!

sukottojapan.wordpress.com ^ Now defunct. The Japan Trip 2010 posts were imported from this old blog